Answers to Job Interview Questions

So it’s time for the interview. In this quick guide you’re going to discover the answers to job interview questions. If you understand the answers to these 10 questions you’ll have an amazing interview.

The Best Job interview questions and answers:

1: What do you know about our company and why are you interested in working for us?

By the time you sit down for an interview you had better have done your homework. Know about the company and the direction that it is going. Make sure you know a lot about the individual department that you are going to be working for and what are their highest concerns. The more specific you can talk about the company, the more impressed the interviewers will become.

2: What is your greatest strength?

Start off answering this question by listing a few of your strengths and then narrow down to your greatest strength. Don’t simply say what your greatest strength is. Tell them ‘why’ it is your greatest strength. Many people being interviewed don’t give enough information during questions. And some, give too much information. Find a balance.

3: What is your great weakness?

You can try using the interview technique of posing a strength as a weakness. For example, “I tend to work too hard and take on a lot of projects. Which makes it hard to take time for myself.” But sometimes an interviewer may see right through this. State a mild weakness and show what you’re doing to improve if you have any doubts on the first technique.

4: Why should we hire you?

If you don’t know this by know you should go back and rewrite your resume. This is the key question to your entire job search.

5: What can you do for us that other candidates can’t?

This is possibly my favorite of all job interview questions. If you can understand and answer this you’ll have a job in no time, because the rest of the job search will take care of itself. What makes you different? What makes you the best?

6: Can you give us an example where you thought outside of the box?

Time to put on your thinking cap; make sure you have examples of when you thought outside the box before you head into the interview. Questions like these can sometimes take time to answer.

7: How would your friends and family describe you?

This is one of the job interviews questions and answers where the interviewers are trying to get a glimpse into your personality. Many times people hire based on personality. Let’s face it: If an employer comes upon two candidates with equal amount of skill, then they are going to pick the candidate who they think they will like the best. So smile during the interview.

8: Can you give an example of when you disagreed with a superior and how you handled that situation?

If you’re getting a job, chances are you are going to be managed by someone. Give an example that shows your flexibility, your critical thinking skills, and your ability to respect a previous manage despite disagreeing with them.

9: What excites you about this position? What makes you the most nervous about possibly getting this position?

Show them you’re passion here. Let them know why you want a job so badly. But only speak to issues that concern them. They are not interested in building your career.

10: Do you have any questions for us?

Don’t EVER say no here. This is your chance to stand out and get them thinking a little bit. Ask two thought provoking questions about the position such as: what was the biggest challenge the previous person in this job had? Then position yourself as having an easy time with their challenge. Stand out and make them think. Later on, they will be thinking about how they want to hire you. But, don’t ask about salary or benefits here. You’ll have that chance when they offer you the job. You’re not in a position to ask those questions just yet.

I also created this list of answers to job interview questions because if you have the answers for all these before you enter the interview you should be ready for 99% of the rest of the interview questions. Study these and you’ll be a rockstar in the interview.

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